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Thread: Ferocia Coutura Art trA arutuoC aicoreF

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    Here are some Amy Adams as Lois Lane quickie manips I did today.

    New Haunted Mansion character sketches.

    Hands galore for you to tease about.

    Now these I really didn't want to share until they were all finished, but I'm being nice.

    I worked pretty hard on these, so with these I ask to hold back jokes and actually try to critique what I need to do.

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    okay i actually really like those new x men ones. like legitimately probably the best thing ive seen you do ... hate jamie chung though but the costume/ general look to her looks okay there. except for her ass. it looks weird to me

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    lol thanks. I'm sorry you hate Chung; I love her for some reason. Her ass is Anna Paquin's from the X2 promos. It was originally a bit lower but then it looked like saggy ass to me so i lifted it since Chung has a petite booty.

    Thank you for liking the design as well.

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    Tom Sturridge obviously loves penises in his ass

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    The girl could use some detail in the drapery of her dress, to blend better with the background, but overall that's one of your best I think.
    "It was the best of times...it was Tebow Time."

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    Thanks, I know you used to hate how I blended colors, so with experiment I found the smudge tool most helpful compared to the blur tool.

    Does the style itself make you guys think Disney at all?

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