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    Ferocia Coutura Art; Haters Gonna Hate

    So since Pete seems to be begging for my photomanipping skillz to return, I figured I'd be nice
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    Some real old school

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferocia Coutura View Post
    Some real old school
    who's Harley?

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    Stetsons are cool. jackrabbit's Avatar
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    The 'Show Me Your Papers' State

    Is the stuff up top your most recent?

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    60's X-Men is newest
    Then Superman, Catwomans, NP and KK as Talia, Sinestro, Scream 4, Spiderman, Universal Monsters drawing photoshopped, and then zombie is oldest manip before The Dark Knight posters.

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    Here's some even older ones ya prick.

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    i am so happy that you finally put stuff up

    and what actress is emma frost ... also are you edited into the x-men one

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    Kelly Carlson. Yes.

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