I thought it was decent but i felt some of the jokes fell flat. A good portion were funny and making fun of the other superhero movies did have its moments.

the whole thing with vanessa dying so quickly into the movie felt unearned. Yeah she was a major character in part 1 but her being killed did very little to move the story forward. It was more of giving a reason to get rid of her to make way for cable and domino.

It was disappointing never seeing the xforce team fighting juggernaut (like xforce comic #3). And the deadpool “death” scene went on a bit too long.

The positives though are cable and to my surprise domino and juggernaut as its about as comic accurate as they could get, aside from not bring crimson. The xmen and brad pitt cameos were great as was the post credit scene.

it was a fun movie and still a nice change from the standard superhero movies. Not as tightly written as dp and i felt it had some pacing issues at the beginning and at the end.