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Thread: Hostiles (2017/8)

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    Hostiles (2017/8)

    I donít want to say too much about story, I would suggest go see this knowing as little as possible. Itís a road trip western, Christian Bale as an army captain on his last assignment, escorting a dying Shiane Chief and his family from New Mexico to Montana.

    Thatís all you need. Better to find out anything else along the way, as the characters do.

    Itís a slow burn, very character-driven and a lot of lingering shots. And the movie is pretty bleak and brutal. Not just physically, cause a fair amount of the more gruesome violence is left to the imagination, not explicitly shown. But just what characters go through in the movie, what you learn about them, itís brutal stuff.

    Christian Bale is great, Rosemund Pike is great, and the score for all you score nerds is super.

    I would say make sure youíre in the right mood for it, sort of similar to Blade Runner 2049. Itís slow (and I donít mean that as a negative) and grim and heavy.

    Really well acted, great cinematography, powerful score

    Check it out. Probably my favorite western since 3:10 to Yuma? Bale makes good westerns
    "It was the best of times...it was Tebow Time."

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    I am shocked that you like Western stuff but you typed Cheyenne "Shiane."

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    Hahah embarrassing
    "It was the best of times...it was Tebow Time."

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    Really good movie. The only two Westerns I like are 3:10 To Yuma and this.

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    "It was the best of times...it was Tebow Time."

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