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    Pretty much nearly everything, hahaha.

    Right from the opening scene. The prank call Poe gives to Admiral Hux is even worse the 2nd time. Which is basically a running theme for all of the jokes. They fell flat the first time, they fell even more flatter the 2nd time. Plus it goes on too long. Everyone involved looks stupid. The New Order starts incompetent and are consistently incompetent throughout the entire film.

    Luke throwing the lightsaber behind his back - falls flat, and is like a big fuck you to the audience. It's deflating more than anything. And the way Rey lamely chases after him going "Master Luke!" Then NOTHING HAPPENS for like 5 minutes as she just follows him about the island as he hunts fish and drinks alien-seal milk. Every part of the Rey/Luke dynamic is an absolute fucking waste. It's stupid that he's been on this island for so long sulking.

    The script is full of little ironies and it's really unsubtle and distracting. The script is full of moments of someone telling someone something, then contradicting themselves a moment later. It happens between Luke and Rey, it happens between Leia and Poe. And when it started happening with Leia and Poe, where Leia is like "you can't just solve every problem by jumping in a cockpit and blowing things up", at that point I decided I wasn't going to stick around for the punchline and I started watching DS9 instead. Plus,

    There was still this to come

    And the 'Finn needs something to do' subplot hadn't even gotten off the ground yet.

    This movie is fucking terrible.
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