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Thread: Justice League (2017)

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    i do agree superman was good tho. like it felt as though he was recast or something

    blah i dont know it was just soooo boring or something? also wtf who cares about this cgi shitfest villian

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    I dragged my feet way too long to see this but i did. Right off the bat this isnt as bad as many sites are saying, its certainly being beaten unfairly. Much more enjoyable than bvs although still has its issues. This is the best dceu movie for me.

    the teamwork in the end, like flash and supes working together to save the people. I especially loved supes saying “civilians” and flying off to rescue them.
    the openings with bats and ww. Gotham reminded me of arkham city, which to me was a bonus. Wonder woman deflecting the bullets was amazing, we need more scenes like that.
    aquaman was shockingly tolerable and as ive made no effort in hiding i question momoas ability to speak and breathe onscreen. He did a good job making aquaman likable though. Extra bonus for me there.
    flash was ok, he had a few funny moments but there were also times where he got slightly bit annoying. Its a pass since he was new to superheroing.
    the interactions between the jl, aquaman sitting on the lasso of truth was a great scene
    wonder woman.. damn is she pretty. Gawking at her was worth my 8 bucks alone. More of her please.
    the colors on supermans costume is a major upgrade. It really stood out in the mid credits scene with flash.
    I think afflecks done a good job as bruce/batman and its a shame he stepped away from directng. I think he would have done a really good job.
    the brief glimpse of the lantern corps

    maybe the length of the movie but the pacing felt rushed. Steppenwolf arrives and in no time takes down the amazons, acquires 2 the 3 cubes with minimal resistance.
    flash cyborg and aquaman felt shortchanged, i know there are plans for their own movies but watching it from a non comic fans POV theres nothing to attach to these characters aside from very brief backstories. They just seemingly decide to go with bm and ww.
    some of the dialog is clunkly, specifically when superman says “i believe in justice” haha
    snyders obsession with slomo shots. The ww scene in the beginnig was cool cause we got to see ore of her abilities, but slowing down to bullet time, again just takes away from the action.
    how is it possible bruce convinced lois to dig up clark and ressurect him. Its like they decided to do this, have her as back up in case he was crazy which he was. Then on top of that when she sees him its like he just came back from vacation. same with ma kent.
    the reshoots like the mustache and the aquaman greenscreen didnt bother me since they only lasted seconds.

    i liked the movie flaws and all and it was nice that there were a few scenes where i laughed. These can be dark and gritty and if handled well can make really good movies but it doesnt mean there cant be any levity. i thought it was funny when supes said “ok i was wrong, i do want to die”.

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