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Thread: Power Rangers (2017)

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    I'm not an alien! zyzyphus's Avatar
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    I actually didn't hate as much of it as I expected. It does take way too long to get them being power rangers, which is bullshit because they're barely in the suits before they jump in the zords. They should have at least fought goldar at human size for a little bit. But the action was as fun as I wanted when it actually happened.

    A bit nitpick-y, but it bothered me a little that the zords combine in a different formation. If you're using the same animals, what's the point in making the mastodon the leg instead of the saber tooth tiger, and I thought putting the pterodactyl on the back instead of the chest was because the megazord would fly at some point, but nope, the wings just become swords.

    Also, everyone acts surprised when it becomes the megazord.

    I liked it enough to be interested in a sequel.

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    Theyll likely get an expanded universe. And we'll get what we've always wanted the origin of alpha 5.

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    Dead Danson
    Quote Originally Posted by zyzyphus View Post
    Also, everyone acts surprised when it becomes the megazord.

    I liked it enough to be interested in a sequel.
    You'd think for how much Zordon was scared of Rita, he'd let them know that they have a Megazord.

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    I don't think there was a megazord. I think the zeo crystal fused them together as one because they were all crushed.
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    you're all wrong this was the 2nd best superhero movie after blade 2

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