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Thread: 1st Annual End of Year Comic Movie Rankfest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erzengel View Post
    I'm having issues because I found Ragnarok and GOTG2 more entertaining than Logan. I know that Logan's excellent but I also have no real desire to watch it again.
    I can see that, like I've seen Guardians more than once but have yet to see Logan again.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mee View Post
    Pending Justice League...

    1. Logan
    2. Ragnarok
    3. Lego Batman
    4. Spider-Man
    5. Wonder Woman
    6. Guardians

    This was a really good year for comic book movies. Pending Justice League...no bad ones.

    This year was a really solid year, it was kind of rough ranking since none of these sucked. Three of the best reviewed comic book movies of all time came out this year. Honestly, Justice League isn't bad, it's just mediocre.
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    He is everything that's wrong with a movie goer. It scares me that human beings like Nirvana exist and they possibly shape the movie landscape.

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    1. GOTG2
    2. Ragnarok
    3. Wonder Woman
    4. Logan
    5. Spidey Homecoming
    6. JL (Haven't seen it yet but I'm sure this is where it'll be)
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    i wonder if anyone calls ME toothless joe
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    ya'll can eat a fucking butt.

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