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Thread: Kill Yourself Kill Your Idea in Your Head Kill the People Who Want to Fund This

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    Dad what's a half ass? Is that like, one butt cheek or somethin?

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    I have nowhere else to put this idea out.


    Where around say, 2000, 2001...the Coen Brothers made an adaption of The Spirit, starring George Clooney.

    I've been reading Darwyn Cooke's Spirit lately, and then I was playing the Clooney episode of Letterman's Netflix show, and this just came to me. The Coens could have hit the right tone of noir and camp, and Clooney is perfect as charming guy in over his head all the time.

    Instead we got this green screen mess

    Anyway, carry on with your lives.
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    Its because frank miller thought he could direct by himself. The spirit in capable hands could/should have been an interesting movie. The cast certainly was solid. It also didnt help that miller used the sin city comic noir visuals. It took me out of it immediately because it felt like a cheap knock off.

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