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Thread: Star Trek: Beyond

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goku View Post
    Fucking dumb. Pass.
    Quote Originally Posted by ThePoler View Post
    I'm so curious to see how this turns out.

    I keep bouncing between these. I mean, if it's a different kind of story that would benefit from an R rating, sure, I'm at least curious.

    If it's just another "let's show the true darker side of the idealistic utopian federation", yeah fuck that, hard pass.

    Im more worried that if it's successful, that R-rated Trek becomes the norm.

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    Who’s the first to call Uhura the N word?
    Quote Originally Posted by Mee View Post
    "oh I wouldn't want to go there. They're fighting in the streets there. BLACK LIVES MATTER. BLACK LIVES MATTER. *fist pumping* THAT'S what they're saying there."

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