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Thread: Mass Effect: Andromeda

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    Dead Danson
    I traded this in for WWE2K16. No regrets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Master Chief View Post
    ok i beated this finally and the ending is kind of sweet and i like the new crew combat sucks tho like ALL the guns feel like they do nothing and it's just gross omg. Even the most powerful snipper in the game would take like 2 shots to kill a basic bish with no shelds or armor get outta here
    that sucks

    The one thing I've heard over and over from fans is "yeah, the animation and story is crap, but the combat is great"

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    I want to buy this but i have an insane backlog of games as it is and on top of that i got lost in space in ME3 so i never got to get far.

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    I'd wait until the game is $20 or less

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lackey View Post
    that sucks

    The one thing I've heard over and over from fans is "yeah, the animation and story is crap, but the combat is great"
    it makes me confuddled i loved all the crew loyalty quests and all the funny talks but the combat is awful like wtf

    i guess it's nice that now you can be ANNNNYTHING whenever you want but i liked it more when I had to pick squad members based on their abilities. you can set 4 profiles with 3 skills from solder/biotic/tech each to switch betweens in combat so it's kind of cool mixing and matching but I dont like it. your team is like 500% useless coz they use their powers randomly and all the guns suck. like why am I needing to run arounds with a sniper like it's an asault rifle

    also omg not only do the guns suck but they made the weapon weight system worse. now you can only have 100% cooldown or more, not less. why you do this when powers are the only way you can actually killed anything

    yea its worth $20. especially if you have a voucher or somethin so its relly free.

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    Casey Hudson, executive producer on the main trilogy, would start a new team at BioWare Edmonton to work on a brand new intellectual property, which they gave the code-name Dylan. (That new IP’s code-name, a source said, came because Hudson and team wanted to make the Bob Dylan of video games—one that would be referenced for years to come.)
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    Kudos, this is truly the Neil Diamond of Platformers

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