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Thread: Marvel's Spider-Man: Starring Lazarus

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    Quote Originally Posted by equint77 View Post
    Haha sm homecoming is getting crap for not making enough money compared to the raimi movies. Tough summer, the apes and nolan movies being really good and coming out back to back weeks. I also imagine the general audience being weary of "another" spiderman movie.
    In their heads they thought it would break records, I'm sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KaineDamo View Post
    In their heads they thought it would break records, I'm sure.
    i dont think they thought it would break records. It made its money back opening week which made both sony and marvel happy. Maybe if it had been a slower summer and again not have to compete with 2 really strong movies back to back maybe it could have made more. It exceeded both asm movies and i think most importantly was well received (mostly) by critics and audiences. Itll probably do well on digital in the fall.

    For me tom holland is the best peter/sm to date and rewatching spectacular spiderman it did a great job of keeping it close to the tv show.

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    Yeah I think by all accounts the movie has been a success

    I heard one statistic that it had the biggest percentage dropoff from opening weekend to the second weekend of any Marvel studio movie, which SOUNDS bad, but then you look at the competition and it makes total sense. And there definitely is Spidey movie fatigue. So it's a testament to how good the movie is that it's done this well, I think.
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