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Thread: Password Problems

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    Password Problems

    Lately I've been having trouble logging in to different sites. Facebook, Yahoo, etc. I enter my username and password, and click to login, and it's almost like the page...refreshes? I have to login a 2nd time to actually log in, without fail.

    Anyone ever experienced this?
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    What's your login and password? I'll check it out.

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    "It was the best of times...it was Tebow Time."

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    seriously though, check the HTTP before you reenter your stuff.

    I once heard that sometimes, a virus redirects you to a duplicate LOOKING site, but the address will be different (even by the difference of a l and I or something).

    So essentially the second time you'd be entering your stuff into a phony site. Then it redirects you to the legit site.

    That's a possibility. So, just make sure if it happens, before you enter your info again on the refresh, make sure it's the LEGIT site.

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    I hadn't noticed anything, but I'll keep an eye out and run a virus scan.
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    probably should also clear your cookies/cache

    u runnin firefox?

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    I cleared everything a week or two ago
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