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Thread: someone help me with my computer problem

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    someone help me with my computer problem

    so i recently had to install a new hd on this shitty computer. and therefore had to reinstall windows 7.
    but apparently the installation disc they gave me was for upgrades or something and now it wont let me activate windows because it says the product key is for upgrades and not clean installations.

    is there anything i can do? it installed windows fine, so obviously it didnt actually have to be an upgrade as there was no os on the computer before i installed it.
    and it's obviously a genuine copy of windows because i bought it from the store.
    what do i do.

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    Windows tech support is probably your best bet
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    if youre too lazy to get this sorted out legit you can just download this and run it. you'll need winrar or someshits to get the programmables.


    should work fine.

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