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Thread: How come streaming video players don't work for me anymore

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    How come streaming video players don't work for me anymore

    Hello! A couple of months ago, my laptop was fine. I was able to watch all sorts of streaming sites, full screen, and have it play perfect, no problem.

    But now what's happening, is the stream will go fucking crazy if I try to full screen it. Whether its youtube, vimeo, putlocker, it doesn't matter - if its a video player streaming online on a browser, it freezes up like crazy. The screen will go back, and it takes a couple of minutes to get it back to normal. Sometimes if I'm lucky the screen doesn't go black and will show the stream, but the stream will stutter like crazy making it unwatchable.

    I dunno what it could be. I thought maybe if I updated my video driver that it would fix it but no.

    There's 21.2GB free space on the hard drive.

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    How much porn do you watch a day? This is very important.

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    With 21.2GB of free space?..... not enough

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