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Thread: Comic Book Shows

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lackey View Post
    when you remove "the substance" from a city, it destroys the city. That's what they care about, getting the substance for immortality and having the necessary power and resources to do so.

    I agree about Alexandra's death. The other 4 were scared of her, but we never got to see why
    we got a brief glimpse of her fighting style. The way she kinda manhandled just reborn elektra. It was a bit of a headscratcher at the beginning when she was in the park and ordering madam gao around.

    if she hadnt been killed it looked like the rest of the hand was going to revolt against her.

    im also kinda glad they killed off stick. I was getting sad seeing how beat up he keeps getting

    chopping off his own hand

    Feeling like Katrina with no fema
    Like Martin with no Gina
    Like a flight with no visa
    First class with the seat back I still see ya
    In my past, you on the other side of the glass
    Of my memory's museum

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    Quote Originally Posted by BatBrain View Post
    "It was the best of times...it was Tebow Time."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draven View Post
    The latest episode of Preacher, holy shit haha pretty much captured the origins of Herr Starr well
    Humperdoo this week was perfect.

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    I was just waiting for that payoff and when Starr said Humperdoo, I burst out laughing.

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    My wife and I are two episodes into Riverdale, it's not bad

    She had never heard of the show OR Archie Comics

    She's pretty into it. The murder mystery angle has me invested at least. Archie's hair is soo distractingly fake. Couldn't they have found a real red head?
    "It was the best of times...it was Tebow Time."

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    My friend swears it's great.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mee View Post
    "oh I wouldn't want to go there. They're fighting in the streets there. BLACK LIVES MATTER. BLACK LIVES MATTER. *fist pumping* THAT'S what they're saying there."

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    I'm sure it is if that melodramatic fantasy soap opera high school stuff is your thing

    My wife loves Gossip Girl, Scandal, Revenge, etc. So if you're into stuff like that, you'd be into this. Check your realism brain at the door.
    "It was the best of times...it was Tebow Time."

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    Do you have to watch everything together?

    Get another TV in another room.
    emperor of DKB or something

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    Haha we don't watch everything together

    Most stuff we don't. Like she doesn't like Game of Thrones or comic book shows or most comedies I watch. I don't like her reality shows, decorating/renovation shows and the kind of soap opera stuff like above.
    "It was the best of times...it was Tebow Time."

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    I'd say give the decorating/renovation shows another chance more as a study for scene designs for your artwork honestly.

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