View Full Version : Wet Hot American Summer:First Day of Camp

08-04-2015, 03:32 PM
Blazed through the entire 8 episodes in like record fashion.

Some good shit throughout. Great cameos and plenty of laugh out loud moments.

Now gonna watch the movie again :up:

08-04-2015, 04:36 PM
Only a dicksqueeze would watch the movie again.

08-04-2015, 04:40 PM
Sometimes I don't understand why people think a specific thing would be funny, and it's just fucking retarded and then at other times it's absolutely hilarious.

Fetty APT
08-04-2015, 06:08 PM
nigga stfu

08-04-2015, 08:18 PM
i heard this show sucks

08-04-2015, 08:25 PM
It's extremely ridiculous at times and half the stuff makes no sense. But that's pretty much the joke about the show though.