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12-10-2010, 12:06 PM
Crystal Maze. Classic British television show.


It was a mix of puzzles, mysteries, and physical tests in which you try to win crystals which buy you time in the crystal dome at the end of the game, where you try to grab golden tickets.. And very often, people would cock up the most simplest, most easy looking tasks.

Here is a clip of an idiot on Crystal Maze


I disagree with the title of this clip. I've seen dumber.



Richard O'Brien at the end of the clip below lol


Yeah, I think the guy below has to be one of the dumbest ever.


Three lock ins




More incompetence. O'Brien plays the harmonica.


This one is confusing. 3 mistakes and you're locked in. She makes 1 mistake, has well over a minute left and she's right where the crystal is, but she's instructed to give up and leave the room?


A giant example of stupidity. Its like she isn't even paying attention to what she's doing.


That has to be one of the easiest games I've ever seen on Crystal Maze.

I gave a description of that clip after I watched it on TV. Here is how I described it on LSP...

I watched an episode today, and this woman was quite possibly the dumbest one I had seen yet. Richard lets her into the room. There is a jug of water inside a glass case set up high with a tap in it, and there are other, smaller jugs with taps in them. Her task was to arrange the other jugs next to each other in the slots, and turn them around so the taps would pour the water into the next jug. There were 4 jugs in all. A little confusing to start off with, but 20 seconds in its clear what she has to do. NO excuse!! So, after some confusion, putting the jugs into the wrong slots, she finally gets them in the right order. It is VERY obvious at this point that she needs to turn them around so the taps will pour the water into each other. She turns on the tap of the first jug, the thing goes pouring all over the place. She switches it off. Her team are pretty much screaming at her "TURN THEM AROUND!! TURN THEM AROUND!!", she finally gets it and starts turning them around. She has them all the right way except one of the ones in the middle. So she starts turning on all the taps, and the team are screaming at her "TURN THE THIRD ONE!! THE THIRD ONE!!". She's like, "this one???" and starts turning the jug at the far end. How can the jug at the far end be the third one when there are 4 jugs, you dumb bitch??? I was yelling at the screen "THE ONE IN THE MIDDLE!!! FUCK!!!". She probably had a full minute left to complete the task. And she's all like, "which one???". I mean, you could clearly see unless you were blind the one in the middle wasn't turned the right way round. She kept placing her hands on every jug BUT the jug she was suppsoed to turn. "This one??" Her team - "NO!!!!". "This one???" "NO!!!!". So, the time ran out and she failed the task.

It was absolutely maddening.