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Mr Sparkle
11-20-2013, 03:45 PM
A lot of the things I liked when I was in my teens are coming up on 20th anniversaries, it's a mixed blessing you see because on the one hand you realize that time's a relentless fucker
but on the other you get these great versions of things you loved and associate great memories with, such is the nostalgia tinged revived interest in a lot of things that sprang from a
one time indie label named "creation records".

If you feel like investing 90 minutes on it, there's "Upside Down, the creation records story"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wb9NnA1rrLIwhich gives a very basic look into the personalities and influences that brought about a number
of great recording artists, sure, they spend a lot of time on Oasis (which were signed to them for some time) but they do manage to talk about the less commercially successful acts like
"House of Love"


There's a certainly a thread that unites almost all of the artists, there's an emphasis on song writing at a time when image was king. clearly they were not forgetting the 70's and early 80's
new wave and post-punk, but they were obviously influenced and often hampered by their cultural heritage, it made them often unable for "cross over" success but made their music emblematic
when "indie" was hardly the massive thing it's now. you had the Jesus and Mary chain doing songs that were then covered by The Pixies of all bands...


to the point where a lot of people think that "head on" is actually a pixies song, it's not but it speaks to how great of a song it is.

there's dozens of bands that came out of this period and label, Ride being one of the more near and dear to my heart with the great "leave them all behind video" where they all just stand around looking bored.

it's obviously hit and miss at times, like Primal Scream's unfortunate foray into "electronica" of the late 90's but overall it's very strong and I highly recommend you browse around for something you personally dig.