View Full Version : Is MMLP2 the hottest album this year?

Fetty APT
11-01-2013, 10:03 PM

Sequel to Stan where Stan's brother kidnaps Em and kills him.

11-02-2013, 02:14 AM
album is bad

11-03-2013, 08:38 PM
I like it so far but it's not better than Yeezus

Fetty APT
11-03-2013, 10:27 PM
album is bad


11-03-2013, 10:55 PM
lol. i like that he's not doing aggro voice 100% of the time like the last couple albums?

still tho. it's bad. not funny enough. he's still the best technical rapper, but i knew that already. it's just not funny and entertaining like the first 3 albums. i liked 3 or 4 songs on Relapse and couldn't get down with Recovery at all.

i've never liked raps that take choruses from SUPER popular classic songs either, that extends as far back in the Em catalogue as like, Sing for the Moment with the Aerosmith song, and in this one, the Zombies song? ugh.

Fetty APT
11-04-2013, 12:20 AM
Agreed but there are still some vintage Em tracks on this. I like Brainless. And yes, he is the best technical rapper. His rhyme scheme on most of the album is sick

"Cuz I feel like a little bitch's, predicaments, despicable
I'm sick of just getting pushed, it's ridiculous
I look like a freaking wuss, a pussy
This kid just took my stick of liquorice
And threw my sticker books in a picker bush
I wanna kick his toosh, but I was six and shook
This fucker was 12 and was 6 foot, with a vicious hook"

"Still in my skulls a vacant, empty void
Been using it more as a bin for storage
Take some inventory and as gorge as a Ford engine door hinge syringe an orange an extension cord and a Ninja sword
Not to mention four lynch pins and a stringent stored ironing board a bench a wrench or winch and a tangent whore"

11-04-2013, 12:45 AM
yeah i was especially impressed with that 2nd stanza when i first heard it, especially extension cord/ninja sword/linchpins/astringent/wrench/winch/whore


hinge/syringe/orange is a re-used rhyme from a hit, which i could accept as a throwback quote referencing MMLP...if it wasn't from "Business" on The Eminem Show. it just feels lazy and speaks to his inability to grow. dude doesn't know what to do with himself or rap about in his 30s and 40s.

(eminem is 41. i feel old.)

i think the ultimo sin is probably all his rad old songs making fun of pop princesses and radio music, and now he's done like 3 or 4 songs with Rihanna. he has a song on this one with the dude from fucking Fun. come on.

Fetty APT
11-04-2013, 01:04 AM
I cut and pasted those lyrics but I'm pretty sure it's "oar, wich, and a tension cord"

But, yeah the rock songs have to go. Berzerk The Monster, Stronger than I was, all are trash.

Just love me some vintage Em multisyllabic rhyming, nah mean?

And Bad Guy is fucking excellent.

You ruined mine, but you seem to be doing fine
I’ve never recovered but tonight I betcha that whatcha
'bout to go through’s tougher than anything I ever have suffered
Can’t think of a better way to define poetic justice
Can I hold grudges, mind is saying: "let it go, fuck this"
Heart is saying: "I will once I bury this bitch alive
Hide the shovel and then drive off in the sunset"

ow's this for publicity stunt? This should be fun
Last album now cause after this you'll be officially done
Eminem killed by M&M
Matthew Mitchell, bitch, I even have your initials

best place you could be buried alive is right here
Two more exits, town is quite near
I hope we don't get stopped, no license I fear
That sirens I hear? Guess 90 on the freeway wasn't the brightest idea
As cops appear in my driver side mirror
(Help, police!!)
Hope foxtrot gets an aerial shot of your burial plot
New plan Stan
Slim, chauvinist pig drove in this big, lincoln town car
Well gotta go, almost at the bridge

:eek: :eek:

Just hot fucking fire. Damn son, wish I could write rhymes like that

11-04-2013, 01:11 AM
i agree with lovin em's monosyllabic rhymes, lines loaded with multiple rhymes, but i also think what u just posted is shitty.

except aerial shot/burial plot, that's SYICK

Fetty APT
11-04-2013, 01:28 AM
It sounds sick the way he says it son

11-04-2013, 05:23 AM
he apologizes to his mom bro.

it's official, he grew up :(

Fetty APT
11-04-2013, 02:38 PM
Okay jake what about "evil twin". When he rhymes as slim shady that's some 1998 eminem fire.

You so fucking gravy, Marshall, I should start calling you au jus
Cause all you do is spit them lyrics out the wazoo

So who's left? Lady Gaga? Messed with the Bieber
Nah, F with Christina, I ain't fucking with either Jessica neither
Simpson or Alba, my albums just sicker than struck with the fever
Get the cloriseptic Excedrin aleve or extra strength Tylenol 3ís

But no one's insaner than Slim, look at that evil grin (evil twin)
Please come in, what was your name again?
HI! faggot.
Look who's back with a crab up his ass like a lobster crawled up there
Two rabbits, a koala bear and a ball of hair
And you're all aware I ain't got it all upstairs
Guess that's why I'm an addict and it's just small up there

11-04-2013, 03:52 PM
raps that take choruses from SUPER popular classic songsThe Worst