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03-20-2012, 08:42 PM
I don't like J-Pop. There are some weird Japanese bands like Melt Banana that I dig, but J-Pop is up there for the worst possible music ever made. There is one exception to this rule though, and that is The Pillows. Some of my love for them is probably just tied up in my nostalgia for being 15 and blown the fuck away by FLCL. But even without that connection, man do they have some awesome riffs.

I love the bass line build up to the breakdown on this song. And then that dreamy twangy guitar in the background during the chorus and then right back into those pounding drums and meaty fuzzed power chords and that distorted vocorder.


Carnival is probably my favorite song by them. I just love the main riff with the military esque snare roll under it and I love that perfect amount of feedback right before they go into the chorus for the first time.


This is one where I like the music video more than the actual song. I do like how the lyrics are gibberish in both the English and Japanese parts so most of the time anything that sounds like its actually a cool lyric is just pareidolia on your part.


I thought they had broken up but I guess they are still together and have been releasing albums pretty much every year. This is off their 2011 album. It's kinda generic, but I'm digging it.